On Swapping Expectations And Disappointments Of A Dark Night With Hope

If not partying, the night can be a gloomy time. Secret whispers of your heart take the form of agony and you are left wondering how things should have been and how they are and what you should do about it with a scepticism that asks you can you really do something about it?

Maybe, we can?

Maybe, we can at least hope...

All we need in life is love or the feeling that we are loved; something to do, for finding tiny bits of happiness and earning a livelihood and hope, something to look forward to. Hoping for the best comes easy when almost all the spheres of our life are working in a perfect harmony. The irony is that when things go on a downward spiral when we need to hope the most, we end up becoming the most hopeless creature in the world.

When expectations turn into disappointments, cling to the belief that there is a possibility of a happy ending. This might look like self-deception but still, I think having that belief is a powerful thing. Living with that sort of belief is even more powerful and that's what hope is for me.

In the dark nights, when you are alone with your dark thoughts, hope that better things are out there. It might not be in your immediate reach, but it's there and you will eventually find it.

When the times are tough, hope that you are tougher than the tough times to survive it.

In the dark nights, when you are clueless about the phase of your life that you are in, hope that you are exactly in the situation where you need to be for walking on the path towards your destination.

When you feel like you can do nothing about the situation you are in, hope.

Let your hope be stubborn. Allow your hope to show you light even when you are drowning in the darkness. Hope for miracles and hope for happy endings.

There is no such thing as a conflict-free life and if conflicts are such an integral part of life, why complain about it instead of embracing it? Why block your heart with hopeless thoughts? We become the stories that we tell ourselves, let these stories be filled with hope.

Next time, when you are in despair, move out of your own way and say yes to hope and yes to the world and most importantly, yes to you.

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