Life Need Not Be Perfect, Perfectly Imperfect Is Good

The greatest illusion of life is that it needs to be perfect and while running behind this illusion, we not only strive for perfection but also end up suffering when we do not read our immaculate idea of perfection.

In the middle of a political discussion, a dear friend explained to me that just like politics, life cannot be perfect. Nothing can be completely black and white. Your life cannot be a perfect bubble of positivity or negativity. The grey colour will always exist and it needs to be appreciated. Honestly, this made sense to me.

Life is filled with many seasons. Just like spring and autumn, everything will look too bright and sometimes, too dull. Seldom are we in a situation where every sphere of life works in a perfect harmony. We all know that change is the only constant thing in life and still, it is so hard to accept the changes. Nothing in life is permanent, neither happiness and unhappiness, and perhaps this very fact makes life beautiful.

Even to rejoice in happiness, it is important to swim in the river of unhappiness. And just like that, many rivers of happiness and unhappiness will merge to create a beautiful ocean filled with good and bad experiences. Maybe one day while sipping a glass of wine, we will have the strength to appreciate the beauty of the ocean from the edge.

Your life is like a movie. A constant phase of happiness and unhappiness will make the movie or your life, monotonous and mundane. Don't get me wrong, it is important to appreciate a mundane life too but changes are inevitable. Every aspect needs to be appreciated. The havocs are like a breath of fresh air too. It needs to be appreciated by trying to figure out what the universe is trying to tell you. When you are in the middle of a storm, you are not expected to behave completely sane but hopefully, later in life, when we look back and introspect, we would be able to see our journey of evolution.

My life is perfectly imperfect and I am enjoying all the turmoil of emotions inside me. I feel like a protagonist of a novel, trying to live and figure out life, all at the same time. Is your life perfectly imperfect too? If yes, do not judge yourself. You and your life, both are beautiful. Feel every ounce of your emotions because that makes you really alive.

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