About Me


Writing this section is perhaps the most difficult task. How do I tell you who am I when even I am trying hard to answer this question. I have started this blog as a means to know myself deeper through introspection. This blog is an attempt to document my life and my personal growth. By going through my blog posts, I think you will have a fair idea about me. So, I'm skipping that part and you need to figure it out on your own. 

All that I can offer you about me are a few random facts. I'm a research scholar and it happened by chance but I'm extremely part of it. I started my first blog, "With The Coffee" back in 2014 and then, it was followed by another blog named, "The Passionate Chic". I am a reader, books help me to enter a magical realm that I totally adore. During my free time, I love to sketch too. I am a dreamer and most of the time, you will find me in my dream world. I always wanted to own a magazine house and this website is a step towards fulfilling my dream. Just a random fact about me: I love the colour black and I hate vegetables. 

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